Sunday, September 18, 2005

Parents & Kids

("Answering the Child's Why" appears courtesy of The AV Geeks Film Archive.)


Arschblog said...

That´s very funny,I like it very much!Please make more!

wonderful woman said...

ok. this is obviously incredibly marvelous in many, many ways. i shall point out my favorite parts: silly billy's expression. poor little bear-owning chap's expression and the baby bruthuh piece. their faces are priceless.

this has the usual funny and pathos that makes your stuff so fab.


now what did i learn from 'answering the child's why'? that little boys ask questions too; that when people get very, very old and very, very sick they die but mummies and daddies won't leave you; and if you don't answer the child's why they grow alarmingly tall & severe 'bangs' over time.

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Carolyn said...

HAHAHA! This is great! Me likey-likey!

Marc Crisafulli said...

arschblog, wonderful woman, carolyn: Thanks very much for the nice comments.

But dwainingals58980348!!
How unexpected to hear from you on my blog! I'm a great big fan of ALL your spam, especially "iS YoUr PeNiZZ GIANT EnOuGh?" and
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