Thursday, January 05, 2006

Slow Jed's Caffeinates My Soul

My friends Deb and Andy have taken a crummy liquor store and transformed it into Slow Jed's Mud House, a first-rate coffee shop now open for business in Averil Park, NY. The decor is as cozy as it is nifty. Everything's yummy and smells nice. There's live music and free internet access, too. Most impressive of all is how Deb and her staff go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and special.

I hope I'm not giving away any trade secrets when I mention that Jed himself is a caricature of the owner's brother when he was a kid. This was easy work for me... everything was right there in the photos I was given for reference. The actual signs were made by Frank Smith, whose paintings of dragons and kittens in outer space are without equal. I was amazed at how faithful he was to my original designs.


Ms. Jane D'oh said...

wow! how satisfying to get to design a sign for your friend's cafe! i LOVE hand made signs (t'was one of those former odd jobs befo' amination. )

Marc Crisafulli said...


Thanks for stopping by, Jane!
I'll try and add more 'D'ohworthy' stuff in the future.

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! U have many cool and fun stuffs !

Jenny said...

that looks like tunz of fun!

that gives me an make signs for above every room in the apt. ;o)
welcome to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom!

jinxurit said...

Did you both design and construct said cool sign?