Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Ahh, yes! Something new has been added!"

[ed. note: we apologize for not completing this post sooner...
We also goofed by not enabling the comments!]

A few folks might know that my father would have loved
to be on the starting lineup of the New York Yankees.

Others know him as a devoted husband, father, and now,

But... did you also know that my father was a cartoonist?!

Yes, it's true.

My Dad has allowed me to post the following gag cartoons
he copied from leading magazines and newspapers of the day.

We'll start with an easy one...

(Hint: He cites The Washington Daily News as one of his key sources.)

It would please me, and my Dad, too, to locate the original work of the cartoonists
who first drew these magazine cartoons, and others he paid homage to as a kid.
Anyone willing to help out?


Ms. Jane D'oh said...

that's great that you still have them. my pa draw a lot too. i used to love watching him draw caricatures over photos of nixon, ford and carter in the news paper.

the cartoonist SETH may be able to give you some leads. are you familiar with his series about an old gag cartoonist? they were published in the early 90's, me thinks..

Marco said...

Yep, Jane, I've got all those issues of Palookaville.
I think the Kalo story really freed up us cartoonists to seek out the cartooning greats of the past and present.

Hm, I have several questions for Seth.. maybe I will get in touch with him!

While scanning these, I noticed almost right away that the second cartoon is most likely by Chon Day, a frequent New Yorker contributer at around the same time. I see a little Syd Hoff in the first, and maybe George Gately or Russell Myers in the third one? These are only guesses, unfortunately.