Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Love Cartoons!

With all of the layoffs, the executives, the egos, the scuttlebutt, the politics, and the frustration involved...
I'm ashamed to tell you all that in recent years, I sometimes forget!
I forget that cartoons are a wonderful invention,
and that we're incredibly lucky just to get to watch them, let alone work on them.

To be more specific:

I love watching Freddy Moore's Mickey flirt with Minnie,
dance around foolishly, or do just about anything.

I love any time any director allows their characters a little breathing room.
When handled carefully, an 'awkward silence' can be just as effective as any great big dramatic
moment or explosive action scene.

I still love watching all the scenes with the Genie.

I love the way UPA was able to make a radio broadcast of a western every bit
as exciting as the old west itself!

I love the dynamic between Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot.
He may not know exactly what he's gotten into, but his care and concern for her
is always present. It comes across in every single drawing.

I love how right after this he goes,
"No; I'm uh-"

I love that Tex Avery never had it in him to underdo anything.

I love that when we watch a Bob Clampett cartoon, it's like we're taking a seven minute rollercoaster ride within his very id.

I love watching Ren casually pick up a Zippo lighter with his foot and light himself a cigarette ---as though this were something anyone could just casually pull off.

I love that Stimpy is 'all head', 'bends like Bratwurst', has a nose that appears to be directly inspired by UPA color, and can do almost as many voices as Billy West!

I love the sibling rivalry of Dexter and Dee Dee,
especially when it's carefully supervised here in the States.

I love Chris Shea as Linus and Cathy Steinberg as Sally.

I love everything about "The Incredibles".

I love that cartoons can take us to places we've never been,
and places we all have been ...often at the exact same time.

And yes, I can't deny it: I even love Spiderpig!


David King said...

What a nice, inspirational NEW post! Glad you're still alive out there, MArc

Anne-arky said...

Yay! Cartoons are happy. :)

Thanks Mark!

Anonymous said...

sooooo.... i gotta ask. Xavier?

off again neil

Elliot Cowan said...

I think the Pixar short you refer to there is a stinker.

John S. said...

Thanks for reminding me why I do what I do.
I love everything here. It's so easy to shit on things,it's refreshing to see a post about what someone loves about animation.
Thanks again man!

Matthew Douglas said...

Excellent post! Yay for Cartoons!

cheshirecat666 said...

oh, man...that scene there where Linus turns his head side to side and goes WAZZAT? another head turn WAZZAT? with his hair on end. I'm dying

"Nothing compares to the fury of a woman whose been cheated out of tricks or treats"

I love your diatribe about cartoons, just awesome


James Sutton said...

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Anonymous said...

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Funny videos said...

I love everything here. Nice post

Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea said...

This post is a blessing. Cartoons rule!

ZoneCartoons said...

Nice! I love cartoons! :)

MeganArzaga said...

i'm so glad to have stumbled on your blog!